Shahida M. Mohamed
Counselling & Diversity Training
Michel Sintes
Coaching - Leadership & Innovation Training

I started my career in the field of Education and then progressed into Education Management and to Human Resources. Internationally active spanning the private, governmental and NGO sectors, I particularly enjoy working across cultures, mediating between parties and facilitating the development of strategies and action plans. Resourceful, personable, pragmatic and flexible, I offer my insights into multicultural dynamics and bring new perspective to help people develop the skills required to negotiate across cultures and contexts. Professionally trained in the field, I have many years of experience in personal coaching and counseling individuals and groups.                                                                     English spoken


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Sibylle Rupprecht
Founder and Principal

Engineer in watchmaking design, co-inventor of the chronograph Daytona Rolex, I held various positions in the company, from design to project management to innovative team building and quality training. Consultant and trainer, I created university and company trainings in Gestalt therapy and creativity, in communication and management. I designed an original and pragmatic approach to emotional intelligence and the creative resolution of conflicts with the emotional compass. I coach companies and individuals, CEO’s and executives in leadership and innovation.                                                                               French spoken

Head hunter, HR manager, business owner,top executive and board member with over 30 years of experience, I help you with your HR challenges. Working closely with you, I help you find solutions that will allow you to grow and to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Active in diversity & inclusion help companies create a working environment where people from all walks can thrive and bring their whole self to work. I design and conduct training and workshops for people at all levels in your company related to human resources, board development,  leadership and diversity.                                       English - French - German spoken

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