SpringBoards Solutions is our external HR and Talent Management service. Their expertise in recruitment and HR has been a life-saver in many ways, allowing us to concentrate on other important business. They found us many valuable key people and helped us put into place a more professional HR service

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HR and Talent Management

We optimise your recruitment process, and interface with recruitment agencies to save you valuable time. This allows you to see only the top candidates in terms of personal fit into your company culture.

Support in the development of advanced workforce planning capabilities and introducing scouting for candidates throughout the year, whether a position is open or not, we help you introduce a talent pool which streamlines future recruitment needs.

We assist you with the alignment of your workforce to the needs and priorities of your organization to anticipate your future needs or risks. This includes the review of current position descriptions, scope and responsibilities, evaluation of internal talents and external availabilities, and suggestion of adjustments if needed.

HR Consulting for start-ups

You have had a successful start with your new company and now plan to recruit your first employee?


As your external partner, we support you throughout the whole recruitment process, from elaborating the position descriptions to negotiating salaries and drafting employment contracts to help you with the administrative tasks of obtaining work permits.

SpringBoards Solutions can be tailored to time spent on the project or as a comprehensive package.

Need to compose your board of directors or your advisory board?


We help you recruit and select your ideal board that propels you forward.

Board Evaluation and Recruitment

We assist small companies and start-ups with the composition of their board of directors and advisory boards.

As over the past years, the increased complexity in the legal and financial obligations of board directors has become more challenging, we help with the draft of the powers and delegations manual which is key for each board.

Individual coaching and our seminars cover a full range of topics: innovation, legal, gouvernance, risk management, financial liabilities, crisis communication, and more.

Today you need to look beyond diversity and to aim for inclusive leadership models where people are fully committed to lead their team to better performance in a healthier environment. You want your employees to have the tools and information they need to actively build inclusion.


We provide training and coaching giving you these tools to maximize talents and be successful in this increasingly competitive world.


We help you understand, embrace and operate in a multicultural environment.


We help you with

  • Inclusive Leadership

  • Bias and Stereotyping

  • Mentoring/sponsorship

Diversity &


Coaching &


Coaching is a collaborative process that inspires growth, new possibilities, and strategic actions, designed to help you achieve your goals. The coaching conversation is an excellent tool that gives you a safe and secure outlet to discuss matters of importance with a neutral, confidential thinking partner.

Have you ever attended an innovation workshop and wondered exactly how the inspirational hype would translate into your day-to-day work?

We train you in innovation and coach you to apply it in your daily work. Our innovation-focused leadership coaching enables leaders to build and sustain a robust innovation culture. Innovation coaching strengthens skills for leading and motivating teams to deliver results that exceed expectations.

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